Corporate and Nonprofit Carpools

Simplify Retreat Transportation
Empower your employees to carpool without administrative headaches.
Cut Cost and CO2
Cut down on the number of cars, vans, shuttles and busses needed to transport your people.
Improve Company Culture
Improve company culture and retention by creating an inclusive environment for people to interact.
Real-Time Reports
Track your cost savings and CO2 savings via customized reports
Automated Alerts
Automated email and text instructions to ensure everyone knows how to participate
Password Protect
Customize your GroupCarpool Dashboard so that your people ride with the people you want them to ride with.
E-Mail Notifications
Are you on the waitlist and someone adds a car? Are you a driver and someone joins your car? We'll send you an email. No more constantly checking your spreadsheet.
How The Sierra Club Uses GroupCarpool to Get People Outdoors

The Sierra Club is the United States ”largest and most influential grassroots environmental organization.” To date the Sierra Club has:

  • Enlisted 2.4 million members
  • Retired 239 coal plants
  • Helped establish 439 parks and monuments

The organization is active and has hundreds of chapters throughout North America. All of these chapters take organization, management and leadership. To keep their base active, the Sierra Club offers “Adventures With a Cause” through their Sierra Club Outings program which, “provides environmentally friendly outdoor adventures—from Tahoe to Tibet—for people of all ages, abilities, and interests.”

With more than 15,000 outdoor trips every year all over the world, getting people organized to go outdoors can be challenging. The Sierra Club uses GroupCarpool to organize all types of carpools, including:

  • Backpacking Trip Carpools
  • Service Trip Carpools
  • Hiking Lodge Trip Carpools
  • Family Trip Carpools
  • Rafting Trip Carpools
  • Bicycle Trip Carpools

By nominating a team leader for each outdoor trip, each chapter knows who is running the carpool. The team leader becomes the GroupCarpool administrator and sends out the dedicated and password protected carpool link to the group. From here, GroupCarpool does the rest.

Drivers signup to drive and passengers sign up for their ride. The GroupCarpool administrator can monitor everything from their dashboard and send out a message to the group if there are any changes prior to the trip departure date.

Through GroupCarpool, Sierra Club team leaders have saved hundreds of hours avoiding spreadsheets, email chains, and text chains to determine how to organize the best carpool.