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How James and Joleigh Alleviated Their Wedding Carpool Headaches

Two ballroom dance enthusiasts in college quickly found that they had more in common than moving around the dance floor. After dating for four years, James and Joleigh decided to take the next step in their relationship and were engaged to be wed.

Coming from two large families and agreeing on a destination wedding, left James and Joleigh facing a complex problem of wedding transportation. They wanted to help their 150+ friends and family arrive with the least amount of trouble and looked at busing, limo, taxi, and rental car options from the airport. All of these presented different challenges atop the biggest challenge which was that flights arrived at different times from different places.

Enter GroupCarpool. After searching for “wedding carpool solutions” Joleigh found GroupCarpool and created a customized link for her friends and family. She spoke with James and they followed these simple steps:

  • Make wedding carpooling clear in your invitation
  • Put GroupCarpool on your wedding website
  • Send reminders via email or Facebook, or any other method you use
  • Ask your wedding coordinator, families, and/or wedding party to spread the word

Most importantly, Joleigh and James avoided hours and hours with spreadsheets, messy email chains, social media or online event tools. After creating a dedicated GroupCarpool link and spending 20 minutes on the steps above, they were finished with ground transportation for their wedding guests.

With no app downloads or log-ins required and a mobile friendly design, GroupCarpool moved 150 people from the airport to the wedding at different times, in different vehicles, with optimal capacity, and NO headaches for James and Joleigh or their friends and family.

In the end, and to this day, you can still find James and Joleigh dancing without a worry in the world about how their friends and family carpooled to see them.