How to Organize Group Carpools

Organizing Group Carpools can often be messy and unorganized. There are many different ways to capture and disseminate information out to carpool drivers and carpool passengers--think text, email, phone calls, social media, etc.--but if these forms of communication aren't convenient or accessible to the drivers and passengers, carpool efforts often cause more harm than good. After years of successfully organizing carpools through software, we've boiled down how to organize group carpools into three easy steps:

1. Know Your Carpool Audience
Talk to your current community (and capture data)
This seems straightforward and might sound obvious, but we can’t tell you how many times we’ve seen product developers miss their mark because they overlooked their greatest resource–the carpoolers themselves.

If you're organizing a group carpool, you likely have a problem to solve. That problem could come in the form of helping people save gas, avoid traffic, cut down on parking demand, preserve the environment or a combinations of things. Regardless, you need to let your carpoolers know why carpooling matters. If you're organizing group carpools, you likely have access to dozens if not hundreds of carpoolers many of whom are ready and willing to help you help them. The trick here is to make things simple. You don’t want to put anyone through unnecessary hoops while they’re trying to give you an unfiltered opinion.

2. Make it Easy
Make it easy for your community to give you feedback by providing a short survey designed to help you understand how they communicate with others. Find out if:

a. They prefer email or text
b. They check for information on their phones or computers
c. If they can adapt to changes a week, a day or an hour before the organized group carpool

Fundamentally, you need to show them that you’re serving them and they’ll be far more likely to give you the information you need to run a successful group carpool.

3. Communicate the Wins (and failures)
Once you've established what your carpoolers want, give it to them and pay attention to what's working and what isn't. If they voted in favor of email on mobile devices over text message, share the success stories (and failures)

Success story: "50% of you carpooled and responded to your email alert, and we took 30 cars off the road as a result!"--or the failures,

Failure: "You asked for text alerts and 20% of you responded by joining carpools. That's more than last year, but we still have room to improve! We'd love to hear how your experience went, please email us back with your thoughts."

No matter how you communicate, be sure to show that you are committed to organizing group carpools. It's vital that carpool drivers and carpool passengers know you're paying attention in an effort to make their experiences better.

Try out our free carpool website template and we can assure you that you will have a great starting point for delivering the best carpool organizing experience. We offer:

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