Best Carpooling App

Before answering how to find the best carpooling app, we need to first look at what form of carpooling you're looking for. Are you looking at one off events, like sales meetings or non-profit retreats, or something more frequent like routine commutes, getting to and from school, or traveling to a frequent client?

The truth is, an app probably isn't your answer. You'll spend more time getting passengers and drivers to download the app on different devices than you will actually getting people to share rides. We developed a web-based interface to keep it easier than any carpool app on the market. And we did so with you in mind. Here are some frequently asked questions with answers:

(Q) I am wondering how you protect your privacy with groupcarpool. I do not want my name, address, phone number, email or other details about me public on the internet. How do I ensure that a carpool list is shared only with my group?
(A) The carpool link is secure and can only be ciruclated by the people who have it. Once the carpool is complete, the carpool can be deleted and archived.

(Q) Does GroupCarpool provide private password protected links?
(A) Yes, we offer private password protected links to all of our business and paying customers.

(Q) Can you take drivers off of a GroupCarpool?
(A) Yes, absolutely. All you need to do is delete the car.

(Q) Can you manage carpool sharing for a company's employees?
(A) GroupCarpool is designed best for one off trips for events, retreats, or consulting opportunities. However if you have someone willing to take the lead as your GroupCarpool Administrator, you can certainly launch a recurring company carpool.

We are built GroupCarpool to act as the best carpooling app on the market without the barriers of adoption of an app. Try out our free version and see for yourself why we're the best carpooling app without being one in the first place :)

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