List of Carpool / Rideshare Websites & Apps

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There is a lot of confusion about what carpooling websites and apps are out there, especially with the advent of mobile ride-sharing apps. My goal is to keep an up to date list that categorizes them so you can make the right choice to make the biggest impact with carpooling. But first off, I'd like to define carpooling and ride-sharing because I might use them differently than you do. Carpooling is the act of sharing a ride within a private trusted group of people. Ride-sharing is more of splitting the cost with random people to save costs.

Carpooling to Events

Events are single destination locations where people are typically looking for a driver to go up with and to come back with. For example, if you are organizing a team building activity or a field trip, you want people to sit together. If you are throwing a green wedding or conference or organizing a camping trip, then it makes sense that you minimize the amount of cars at the event. Below is a list of websites that I know of:

Carpooling for a Private Org

Many schools and organizations usually want to have a system that facilitates with matching individuals together. There are not many out there that offer this service but the one I did find is..

RideShare Websites

If you are looking for commuting or a ride cross country, and you don't want to drive yourself or don't have a car, then finding similar people is what you want.

RideShare Mobile Apps

With most people on smart phones these days it'd make sense that ridesharing should be 'on the go' with your mobile phone and thankfully there are some companies out there making that happen

Taxi Mobile Apps

Don't mistake these for carpooling and ridesharing, because they're not, they are just hip taxi services